from our CEO:
We strive for excellence and perfection.

Established in April 2000 in Penang, Malaysia, MinDocu is an overseas subsidiary company of Souei Corporation after Mindware Co., Ltd. (Japan) which has a solid background in printing and publishing.

MinDocu comes from the word ‘Mind Document’ where we deliver information between our clients and their customers. We plays an important role in delivering information into various languages not only locally but also international level for our clients and their customers. MinDocu staffs are constantly trained and updated with the latest information and technology.

One of our founder’s favourite phrases is ‘First impression lasts forever.’ Despite being a slightly odd thing to say, the phrase does encapsulate two qualities common to MinDocu staffs. First, our products reflect greatly on our clients image. We strive not only to meet their demands but also to exceed their expectations. Second, we strive to improve our services to fulfill and satisfy every aspect of our clients needs. We always go the extra mile to give our clients the best service. We believe it’s important to understand our customers needs before we start on any project. Therefore we make sure we understand the project and plan accordingly.

MinDocu speaks your mind